How to choose your equipment

How to choose your equipment - Ski Rental

Skis and personal skills

With the development of technology, there are no inferior ski, but skis that fit better or worse to the characteristics of a skier. You can use these criteria to determine your profile: Skills (capacity, frequency etc.) | Usage (downhill, off-piste etc.) | Skier’s physical characteristics (Height, Foot Size etc.)

You have never skied or have skied a few times, you still have some difficulties in basic movements and are learning to make your first low-speed curves on easy slopes (blue). Ski proposed: basic, simple.

You ski mostly for fun (one or two weekends a year or during a skiing holiday), you are able to turn at medium speed and to ski on all types of tracks. You would like to improve skiing at a higher speed. Ski proposed: balanced and comfortable.

You have been skiing for many years and no slope puts you in trouble. You ski anywhere safely and use skis perfectly united in curves, without altering the radius of curvature, and begin carving. Ski proposed: comfortable and performing.

On the track you are able to lead skiing in high-speed cornering and you know perfectly how to carve. Off piste, you are at ease on all types of snow and ski safe and fluid. If you are a freestyler, always choose the most difficult path. Ski proposed: high-performance, exclusive.


The “Diamond” level requires the same skills as the “Platinum” one, but benefits from superior equipment, also used for professional racing and skis competitions.

Skis size?

The general rule is to choose a ski length between the chin and a few centimeters above skier’s head. Most are short, simple to use. Experienced skiers usually prefer longer skis. A shorter ski will be easier to turn, but is not as stable as a longer one.

Skier’s height Suggested size
132 cm 115-130 cm
137 cm  125-140 cm
142 cm  135-150 cm
147 cm.  135-155 cm
152 cm  145-165 cm
158 cm 150-170 cm
163 cm  155-175 cm
168 cm  115-123 cm
173 cm  160-180 cm
178 cm  165-185 cm
183 cm  170-190 cm
188 cm  175-195 cm
193 cm  180-200 cm.

Helmet: how to measure your head

To select the right helmet, before arriving to Ermanno Sport store, you must measure the circumference of your head. Get a measuring tape and place it about 2.5 cm above the eyebrows (as shown). The system is valid both for adults and junior.