Rent online? It’s better!

Ski lovers know very well the importance of technical equipment and good timing to get to the slopes. The time lost in the store to rent the skis, is time taken away from the fun! Those traveling in groups know it even better and do appreciate the possibility to have their skis, backpack, boots, poles, snowboards fully ready, right on time when they are ready to go off to the slopes.

Online rent is better!

You can save time! By renting your equipment with you can find all sports items ready in the store, on the day of your arrival! No more queues, no stress!

If you pay online, you don’t have to carry cash to the store or to the slopes and you know exactly how much you spend in advance!

Your day begins in a more relaxed way and you can enjoy the best holiday!

You can save on the store price list!

You can calmly choose the best equipment, directly from your home!

You can ask for information online or by phone, avoiding queues at the store and stress before going to ski!

You can be ready for skiing in a very short time!


And if…

Are poles included in the ski rental?

Certainly! Skis and poles are rented together. This rule applies to all types of skis!

Mistaken to indicate the measures skis, boots or helmet?

Don’t worry! The choice of measures is not binding! It serves for a first booking of models and speed up the preparation of the order. You can always change into the store the measures according to your needs or to recommendations of the expert staff of Ermanno Sport..

If I were sick, I wanted to change the day or there was bad weather?

You could write us and ask to keep the order for a new date or you may ask (within 48 hours of the date you specified for the use of the equipment) a reimbursement.

I would like to update my order?

You could always place a new order with different equipment, or write to us and we will think to integrate old one.

If I had special needs not included in product data sheets or purchasing options?

You could always indicate them in the notes to the order or you can write us a message. We will do everything to make your purchase safer and precise as possible, trying to satisfy all your needs.