Rental Agreement

Terms of rental of Ermanno Sport sports equipments

  1. The tenant assumes full responsibility for the rental.
  2. Ermanno Sport is expressly exonerated from any liability for accidents with property and/or persons damage caused by anyone who rents the equipment or third parties that are using it.
  3. In case of total theft or breaking the rented material will be charged to the tenant according to the market value.
    In case of theft the tenant is obligated to file a complaint with the competent law enforcement.
  4. In case of inadequate treatment and/or vandalism damage to the rented equipment and rented lockers, repairs will be charged to the tenant according to the current price list for repairs.
  5. Replacement is possible during the contract period, with materials of different categories and values. Difference is charged in case of higher category, no rufund is given in case of lower category.
  6. The rental equipment is to be paid day of return included.
  7. The return of rented equipment is compulsory before the store closing times as published on this website and as displayed at Ermanno Sport shop.
  8. In case of returning after business hours, an extra rate will be applied for the exceeding days of rental, according to the rates in use.
  9. In case the return of the equipment can not take place within the closing time, anyone renting the equipment is obliged to inform Ermanno Sport by phone, calling the number +39 3472800006 or +39 3470802910.
  10. In the event that the rented equipment is not returned within the seventh day after the date set for return, a complaint for theft against the tenant will be automatically filed.
  11. Early termination of the rental agreement is possible but no refund will be due to the tenant on restitution of equipments.
  12. With the acceptance of these general conditions of hire the customer expressly confirms that he has received all necessary information and gives his consent, in relation also to the purposes contained in Articles 23 and 24 of the Italian Privacy Code (D.Lgs 196/2003) about the processing and transmission of personal data by Monterosaskirental.it Website holder. (For more information see also our Privacy Policy).
  13. Ermanno Sport equipments hire is not transferable.
  14. In case of inability to pick up the equipment, illness or other personal reasons, it is possible, within 48 hours of the date set for the use of the equipment, to request information via e-mail or phone and to postpone the order for a later date or request a reimbursement.
  15. Requests of refund notified with less than 48 hours advance are accepted only for illness or injury stated by a medical certificate.
  16. For any dispute the jurisdiction is the Court of Aosta.

We kindly ask our customers to treat all equipments adequately.

Thanking you very much for the confidence expressed in Ermanno Sport we wish you the best enjoyment on Monterosa ski slopes!